Re-build talent pipelines with high-quality talent in a rapid, cost-efficient way while receiving a
guaranteed 100% project fulfilment.

Project RPO: An Agile Recruiting Solution

Project RPO provides an agile recruiting solution that is cost-efficient and rapidly scalable.
Learn how our flexible project led approach and dedicated resourcing team supplies high quality professionals, faster and more effectively than traditional recruitment models.



Talent Mapping Insights

We provide deep insights on talent trends in your market to guide strategic planning and strengthen your employee value proposition (EVP). Through an in-depth understanding of local markets, we provide seamless, engaging hiring experiences. We leverage data for hiring decisions to improve job matching, leading to higher satisfaction and talent retention.


Global Delivery Hubs

Accelerate the deployment of high-volume recruiting solutions via our shared RPO delivery locations strategically located worldwide. Our CORE hubs are led by subject matter experts across the full lifecycle of talent recruiting. Multi-language capabilities enable us to source and qualify a strong network of diverse candidates, to provide you with a flexible and scalable sourcing option.


PowerSuite / Technology

By partnering with best-in-class technology providers, key capabilities are integrated directly into PowerSuite, which creates the flexibility to tailor our offerings to meet evolving client and candidate needs. Leveraging data and automation, our solutions increase your efficiency, improve candidate experience, reduce cost and risk, and improve hiring quality while reducing time-to-fill.                            

Project RPO: A Practical Guide

Project RPO Playbook

Download the Playbook, which includes a step-by-step process implementation guide, to find out how Project RPO augments your existing infrastructure by supplying high-quality professionals faster and more effectively than other traditional recruitment models.

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