Australian Candidate Preferences Research

The world is facing a growing talent shortage.

Employers are struggling to attract and retain candidates,

threatening productivity, efficiency and future growth.


ManpowerGroup knows candidates.

Through our ongoing Candidate Preferences Survey, we explore an array of candidate

behaviours and motivators aimed at helping organisations optimise their talent strategies.





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About the Methodology

   ManpowerGroup Solutions uncovered what impacts the candidate experience during a job search, including

candidate behaviours and motivators when looking for employment. The results reveal important trends

impacting retention and recruitment, including what drives candidates to job search, the tools they use, the

challenges they face and the extent to which companies play a role in their hiring decisions.            





2018 Australian Candidate

Preferences Research

ManpowerGroup dove deep into the following three topics:

Candidates as Consumers

Recruiting Technology Adoption

Balancing Your Workforce Mix: Planning, Talent Availability & Candidate Preferences

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balance your workforce


Leveraging the Data 

Organisations around the world have incorporated the Candidate Preferences Research into their talent strategies.



Strengthened employer branding to attract the best talent


Responded to candidate demand for flexibility, helping to create a stronger value proposition



Created candidate-facing social media pages on channels that have historically been directed toward consumers


Engaged candidates through interactive content and multi-media platforms


What Does Success Look Like?

Learn how ManpowerGroup has helped organisations from around the world leverage candidate preferences to optimise their talent strategies

Global: Consumer Products Market Knowledge
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Global: Expanding Duracell's Geographic Region
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Global: Exclusive Volume Recruitment
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Global: Helping Improve Our Clients Logistics
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Additional Candidate Insights


Australia | June 2018
Solving the Talent Shortage in Australia
Build, Buy, Borrow, Bridge

34% of Australian employers say they can't fill vacant roles due to lack of available skills. That's the lowest since 2006 and below the global average of 45%. The 12th consecutive ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey is the largest global human capital survey of its kind.        

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Global | November 2017
swipe right
Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search 

This report provides new insights into candidate technology preferences including global trends and country nuances. The research also reveals that the adoption of recruiting technology is light years behind consumer marketing technology. Learn what candidates need, want and expect from technology in the job search process.    


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Global | July 2017
work for me
Work for Me: Understanding Candidate Demand for Flexibility

Workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option; it is an essential practice that enables organisations to attract and develop skilled talent. The practice is rapidly becoming a win-win: reflective of employee and employer needs. 

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